Zedd's dead babe, Zedd's dead.

Today, I have eaten my body’s weight in chocolate.

And I feel damn happy about that.

It’s spring. Finally.
The wind reminds me.
I like your hair and eyes.
And ice cream.

I’m still missing you. Dearly.
I don’t know if you can hear me.
But i like you hair and eyes.
And ice cream.

If Older Bands were Students

  • Beatles: The popular one, gets all the attention and friends.
  • The Who: The explosive one, makes fake bombs as pranks.
  • Rolling Stones: The druggie, ironically, best friends with Beatles.
  • Pink Floyd: The artistic one, always painting or drawing something.
  • Queen: The flamboyant one, usually wears colorful suits and spandex.
  • Led Zeppelin: The perverted one, has many sexual fantasies.
  • The Doors: The poet, writing many stories about memories.
  • Sex Pistols: The rebel, is almost always in detention.
  • Kiss: The attention whore
  • Ramones: One of few friends with Sex Pistols, doesn't get into much trouble.